Polish Association of Libraries was established as an association in 1999 on the initiative of Jan Krajewski - the then director of County and Municipial Public Library in Chełmża and a group of directors of Polish public libraries as a result of administrative reforms in Poland.

Association of Polish libraries has been active since 1999.

The aim of the association is the consolidation of Polish libraries and representing them with regard to parliamentary, governmental, self-governmental authorities, aiming to improve functioning of Polish libraries, especially by:

  • taking action aiming at deepening the knowledge of needs and conditions of functioning libraries in Poland in public consciousness and opinion,
  • working out projects and doing research in librarianship,
  • referring law, organisational and financial proposals to authorities establishing library law and organizers of cultural institutions,
  • supporting initiatives promoting books and reading,
  • supporting introduction of modern information technologies,
  • initiating cooperation of libraries and other institutions and organizations connected with books,
  • publishing.

36 libraries took part at General Assembly of the Members, on 31st December 2008 the association had 105 members.

The Association of Polish Libraries organised 5 international conferences:

  • 2001 - Przysiek - "Public Libraries in regards to European Union" (on the basis of which a book was written),
  • 2002 - Ciechocinek - "Children's Library in the educational and information system",
  • 2004 - Ostrów Wielkopolski - "Role of the Libraries and Creating and Strengthening of local identity. Cultural regionalism,
  • 2005 - Zakopane - "Directions of the Development of Public Libraries in the Cities and Districts. Looking for Model Activities",
  • 2008 - Toruń - "Development of Public Libraries and European Standards".
  • 2009 - Mąchocice k/Kielc -"Management of cultural institution"

Since 2006 Association of Polish Libraries has organised conferences in a new form. Librarians from more than one country have taken part in international conferences.

So far there have been conferences in the following places:

  • 2006 - Gołdap - 1st Polish-Lithuanian conference "Methods and Forms of Work in Public Libraries in Poland and Lithuania for Promoting Books and Reading in Relation to European Union Standards",
  • 2007 - Lublin - 1st Polish-Ukrainian conference "Development of Educational and Cultural Offer of Public Libraries for Local Community from 1996 to 2006",
  • 2007 - Wilno - 2nd Polish-Lithuanian conference "Prospects and Possibilities of Activities of Libraries in Lithuania and Poland".

Association of Polish Libraries is the organiser of workshops:

  1. "Marketing in Culture" - Piła - Płotki, 10th - 12th October 2000
  2. "Marketing in Culture" 2nd stage, Chełmża, 23rd - 24th April 2001,
  3. 25-27.09.2001 - Szczyrk -"How to sell yourself, company and its activity",
  4. "How to Sell Successful Projects", Włocławek 14th - 15th May 2002
  5. "Writing Projects and Filling Application Forms for Grants", Łódż, 23rd - 24th June 2003
  6. 15.09.2009 - Toruń -"Accounting, finances and taxes in cultural institutions"
  7. 14-19.07.2008 - Norway, Sweden, Denmark - training course in libraries of Scandinavian countries.
  8. 22-24.06.2009 - Toruń, 24-26.09.2009 -Kowno - - Information space of libraries as a tool to cultural closeness of young people of Poland and Lithuenia on a way to European Union" "Seminar meetings of young librarians of Poland and Lithuania as a bridge to creating positive and friendly relations between both countries"
  9. 16-17.11.2009 - Gniezno --"Accounting, finances and taxes budget of cultural institution"

In September 2003 the 1st Contest for Children and Young People was announced" Adventure with a Book" .It was organised by our association. The contest was directed to primary and middle school students. Its aim was promoting reading among children and young people and creating a canon of required. Over 200 essays came in for the contest.

The representatives of the Association of Polish Libraries are invited on sessions of Sejm and Senate or Senate Cultural Commission with the matters connected with books and reading.

The most significant achievement of Association of Polish Libraries is the influence on regulation of library law that banned joining libraries with other cultural institutions.

The chairman of the Association of Polish Libraries - Jan Krajewski was appointed to a second term of National Library Council.

Association of Polish Libraries is a member of Polish Book Association functioning since 1990, which is an economical association embracing subject connected with publishing and book trade.

For a few years association has been participating in the national and international book fair in Warsaw presenting publishing output of Polish Libraries.

The association has taken part as as an exhibitor in national and international book fairs in Warsaw and Book Fair in Krakow, for a few years, presenting publishing achievements of Polish Libraries.

The association of Polish Libraries is a founder member of National Federation of Nongovernmental Organization.

During its short activity the association initiated significant international relations, among which cooperation with Lithuania and Ukraine deserves attention.

The Association of Polish Libraries is an initiator of cooperation and establishing a federation embracing organizations of Eastern and Southern Europe.

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